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        October 2021

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Best Feature Film - Otto Neururer - Hope Through Darkness

Director of a Feature - Peninsula

Feature Screenplay - Homeless Ashes

Leading Actor in a Feature - Heinz Fritz for Otto Neururer - Hope Through Darkness

Leading Actress in a Feature - Krista De Mille for Black Flowers

Supporting Actor in a Feature - William Mark McCullough for Black Flowers

Supporting Actress in a Feature - Marianne Chase for Cult

Editing in a Feature - Cult

Cinematography in a Feature - Peninsula



Best British Short Film - Mrs Ashton

Best International Short Film - First Disco

Best Comedy - Revenant Relocation Officers

Best Micro Short Film - The Water's Edge

Best Student Film - Two Ghosts

Director of a Short - Quiver

Short Screenplay - The Plagiarist

Leading Actor in a Short - George Russo for Smack Edd

Leading Actress in a Short - Lily Ann Green for Mrs Ashton

Supporting Performance in a Short - Richard Gunston for Canis Creek

Editing in a Short - One Night Stand

Cinematography in a Short - The Water's Edge

Music in a Short - Two Ghosts


Best Documentary - Fraser Syndrome and Me

Directing in a Documentary - Shatter the Silence

Editing in a Documentary - Blowback: The 9/11 Wars in Global Film

Photography in a Documentary - The Home for Broken Toys

Sound in a Documentary - Never Give Up


Costume Design - Mumatar

Production Design - Winfield Historical Times...and Other Oddities

Hair and Make-Up - Sequins


Best Animated Film - Widdershins

Director of an Animation - Balance

Achievement in Art - When I Was Young

Screenplay for Animation - Kim


Best Music Video - Punkcakes - Knut




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