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        October 2021

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Best Feature Film - Don't Come Back From The Moon

Director of a Feature - Selling Isobel

Feature Screenplay - Bikini Blue

Leading Actor in a Feature - Timothy Spall for Stanley, A Man of Variety

Leading Actress in a Feature - Katherine Davenport for Wilderness

Supporting Actor in a Feature - Linal Haft for The Gatehouse

Supporting Actress in a Feature - Shane Bruce for Waking David

Editing in a Feature - Selling Isobel

Cinematography in a Feature - Don't Come Back From the Moon

Score in a Feature - 3 Dead Trick or Treaters


Best Film not in the British Language - Fatum

Best Short Film - Blackout

Best British Short Film - Purple Heather

Best Comedy - Roger

Best Student Film - Hugo

Director of a Short - Forest of Echoes

Short Screenplay - The Silent Child

Leading Actor in a Short - Tommy Jessop for Down and Out

Leading Actress in a Short - Cheryl Allison for Far From The Tree

Supporting Performance in a Short - Kate Lock for Blackout

Editing in a Short - No Hidden Extras

Cinematography in a Short - Far From The Tree

Score in a Short - Worth a Thousand Words


Best Feature Documentary - Gold Balls

Directing in a Feature Documentary - Flying Revolution

Editing in a Feature Documentary - The Landscape Within

Photography in a Feature Documentary - The Landscape Within


Best Short Documentary - Sand Men

Directing in a Short Documentary - 3 Days in Rome

Photography in a Short Documentary - Balance

Editing in a Short Documentary - The Titanic of Southampton

Sound in a Short Documentary - Why Are You Here?


Costume Design - The Beautifully Drowned

Production Design - The Wyrd

Sound Design - The Penny Dropped

Hair and Make-Up - The Date

Visual Effects - Jaded Star


Best Animated Short - The Box

Director of an Animation - Citipati

Achievement in Art - Johanne

Score for an Animation - Citipati

Screenplay for Animation - Not the End of the World


Best Music Video - Mangia!




Congratulations to all the filmmakers!


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