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        October 2021

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Best British Film - Lady in the Park

Best Horror/Thriller Film - Eddie

Best Comedy - The Factory

Best Student Film - Nosferratin


Best Feature Film - Out of Innocence

Director of a Feature - Hole in the Wall

Feature Screenplay - The Birdwatcher

Leading Actor in a Feature - Richard Crawley for Making It

Leading Actress in a Feature - Lara Lemon for Off-Piste

Supporting Actor in a Feature - Dmitriy Grinevich for Joker

Supporting Actress in a Feature - Fionnuala Flaherty for Out of Innocence

Editing in a Feature - Hole in the Wall

Cinematography in a Feature - Beijing, New York


Best Short Film - Boris in the Forest

Director of a Short - My Baby Shot Me Down

Short Screenplay - Cold Reader

Leading Actor in a Short - Damian Williams for The Last Laugh

Leading Actress in a Short - Rashieda Awan for A Perfect You

Supporting Performance in a Short - Bob Golding for The Last Laugh

Editing in a Short - Only Child

Cinematography in a Short - Stay

Score in a Short - Frog


Best Feature Documentary - Who Was Alice Miller?

Directing in a Feature Documentary - Who Was Alice Miller?

Editing in a Feature Documentary - Shattered Night

Photography in a Feature Documentary - SMART

Sound in a Feature Documentary - Letter to Anita


Best Short Documentary - Sentenced to Marriage

Directing in a Short Documentary - The Knitivity

Photography in a Short Documentary - Cold War Christmas

Editing in a Short Documentary - The Depositary


Costume Design - Dryad

Production Design - Twenty Twenty-Four

Sound Design - Solitary

Hair and Make-Up - Eddie


Best Animated Short - Le Constructeur de Malheur

Director of an Animation - Time/Space Reflections

Best Non-Narrative Animation - Alexandra

Best Hand-Drawn Animation - The Teacup

Stop-Motion Award - The Vast Landscape

Best Animated Comedy - Two Minute Talent

Best Digital Animation - Le Constructeur de Malheur

Best Student Animation - Orbit

Animation for Children - The One Who Tamed Clouds

Achievement in Art - The Punishment

Editing in an Animation - Fawn

Animation for Music - Sky High

Production Design for Animation - The Ear of Van Gogh

Screenplay for Animation - Dark Shadows




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