A  Film Isn't Finished Until It Is Seen

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17th-20th October 2019

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Christopher Abbott - Festival Creative Director


Fav Genre – Neo Noir, Sci fi and Fantasy


Background – Producer, Script Consultant, Production Manager


About Chris:


I have always loved film and as an adult I have been involved in many different ways, such as, Producer (14 titles), Production Manager (8 titles), Director (5 titles), Cinematographer (2 titles), Writer (2 titles), Editor (1 title). I have also been in Distribution as well as other film festivals.


After one of mine and my brothers usual heated film debates we both decided that we should create our own film festival. We want to make sure that everyone's films are seen. As we always say "A Film Isn't Finished Until It Is Seen".


Film festivals are important as seeing the crowds, meeting aspiring filmmakers and mingling with the movers and shakers of the industry is exhilerating. The feel of community is especially strong in the local festivals and film markets and the energy and excitement that comes from the national ones is thrilling.


The Team

Peter Murfet - Festival Programmer


Fav Genre – Horror, Fantasy, Stop-Motion Animation


Background – Film Critic, Filmmaker


About Peter:


I have always loved film from a childhood growing up around my Dad's Super 8 home movies.  I am part of the UK film-making collective Dead Good Films Like, specialising in weird and off-beat ultra-low budget movies, with over 30 short films to my credit as writer, director, composer, editor, actor and in other roles.  I also regularly work with other companies such as Compulsory, A1 Pictures, and Frontline International Films.


My introduction to Film Festivals came as a student in Edinburgh, and I feel that they are an important way to celebrate the diversity of film culture and showcase new talents. It's an honour to be in a position to facilitate films getting their moment to shine on the big screen and connect with an audience. My favourite festivals are those with a welcoming sense of community and friendship .


Emily Wain




Emily Wain - Festival Co-ordinator


Fav Genre – Musicals, Sci-Fi and Terminators


Background – Costume Design, Events Co-ordination


About Emily:


I have always loved film. I have been involved with costume design, continuity and event co-ordination with other festivals with Capture Events.


Film festivals are important the feeling of community is especially strong in the local festivals and film markets. Being able to give an outlet to give Independent film time on the silver screen is such a privilege.