A  Film Isn't Finished Until It Is Seen

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        October 2021

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Feature Film

We want strong stories and great visuals, but other than that... Anything goes!



Shorts have to be quick to engage and smart enough to leave the audience content after just a few minutes. Think you have one that ticks the boxes?


Micro Short Film

Got a short that runs 5 minutes or less? We now offer discounted submission fees for super short shorts!



Have you a true story with great heart? Then we want to see it!


Short Documentry

Same as above but shorter!



If it's heartwarming and emotional or a bit of fun, the effort that goes in to animation deserves our undivided attention in its own category.   Good luck to everyone, we can't wait to see your films!


Student Films

Films made by students only with their University. Any films found not to be made by students will be disqualified and submission fees will not be refunded or transfered to the correct category.


Music Videos

An art form unto themselves, we're looking for interesting and inventive ways of marrying music with visuals!



You're too late to submit a film for the 2020 festival, but submissions for our 2021 festival will open in November 2020.


We will be looking for submissions in the following categories, so please check back soon.